Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy?

Insurance defines vision therapy as, “a series of in-office procedures/exercises for the treatment of visual efficiency, vision skills, and visual processing”. In other words, it is like having your eyes go to the gym!

Our approach in vision therapy is both developmental and neurological. Vision is a sense that develops in the first six to eight years of life. If vision issues exist, they can have a profound effect on development of skills needed to read and learn well in a classroom. In addition, vision is more than just eyes…. it’s the brain too! Vision therapy not only addresses the function of each eye individually, but also how the brain processes vision. Treatment can undo inefficient neurological adaptations and create more efficient binocular vision.

Our vision therapy sessions are typically done on a weekly basis and they are always one-on-one. Each therapy session is prescribed by Dr.Katie and implemented by a trained vision therapist. Oftentimes, home therapy is prescribed in order for a patient to fully develop each skill. Each session builds on the next one and so home therapy allows us to make improvement between each session.

Our vision therapy team uses state-of-the-art technology in their treatment program. Our Vivid Vision system uses virtual reality to help each eye strengthen individually, yet improve depth perception. The VTS4 is a sixty inch 3-D television that also allows patients to improve coordination and strength of the eyes. Our Sanet Vision Integrator (SVI) is a touch screen monitor that incorporates both rapid eye movement, hand and body coordination. Along with this advanced equipment, we also use traditional methods that have been proven effective over years of research and treatment.

Treatment length varies, depending on the extent of the conditions requiring treatment. Average treatment time is between twelve and twenty four sessions. Consistent attendance and home therapy have a direct impact on how quickly a patient finds success in vision therapy.

Prior to treatment a full evaluation is needed for Dr.Katie to determine the conditions that require treatment. Please see our Specialty Evaluations page for further information on these types of exams.


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