Vision Checklist

Need a specialty evaluation? Use the checklist below to help determine if a binocular evaluation should be scheduled.

Do you observe the following behavior(s) in yourself or your child?

  • Dislike reading?
  • Eyes burn or feel strained after short periods of desk work?
  • Vision get blurry when reading?
  • Headaches when reading?
  • Letters or words run together?
  • Double vision?
  • Fatigues quickly?
  • Often loses place or omits words?
  • Skips words or lines or has to re-read lines?
  • Eyes appear to cross or drift out?
  • Difficulty recognizing letters, words, or simple shapes and forms?
  • Poor comprehension?
  • Poor spelling?
  • Did your child have difficulty learning their letters?
  • Has your child received OT, PT or Speech?
  • Is your handwriting messy?
  • Is your child unable to discern left from right?
  • Unusual pencil grip?
  • Has your child’s teacher expressed concerns about your child?


If you checked off several items on the Checklist above, get in touch with our office at 985.626.5568 to schedule a binocular vision evaluation.