Sensory Performance Evaluation

Athletes are tested on 10 sport-relevant visual and sensory performance skills. Individual results can be compared instantly to our athlete performance database by position, sport and competition level. This allows Dr. Katie to produce a customized Senaptec Sensory Performance Profile. The report reveals your player’s strength and areas for improvement.

During the evaluation these 10 visual and sensorimotor skills will be tested:

  • Visual Clarity- See details at a distance
  • Contrast Sensitivity- See through distractions
  • Depth Perception- Judge depth information
  • Near-Far Quickness- Change your focus rapidly
  • Perception Span- Visually acquire critical information
  • Multiple Object Tracking- Track objects moving in space
  • Reaction Time- Hand reaction to visual signal
  • Target Capture- Rapidly shift and recognize peripheral targets
  • Eye-Hand Coordination- Hand responses to changing targets
  • Go/No Go- Make decisions and react in pressure situations

A custom improvement plan is provided to start effective training immediately.

Sensory Training

Sensory training helps athletes improve their sensory performance. Sports may come down to an inch or a fraction of a second. A split second can be the difference between gold and missing the podium. Senaptec tools can provide the edge for athletes to perform more consistently and at a higher level.

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Senaptec Strobe Training

It is a powerful tool to force an athlete to “keep their eyes on the ball” and to ultimately “slow the game down.”
Utilized by elite athletes worldwide.
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Baseline & Return-to-Play

Athletes are an at-risk group for concussions. A baseline evaluation will give Dr. Katie the data needed to compare post-concussion. This will help your doctors and coaches determine when your athlete is ready to return to play.

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We’ve partnered with Limitless Performance to provide athletes with state-of-the-art training.

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