Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exam for adults and children, starting at 6 months of age. A routine vision examination includes measuring your visual acuity and the health of your eyes, inside and out. Our doctor carefully evaluates for such problems as cataracts, glaucoma, hypertension, and diabetes among other common diseases that could affect your vision. Our goal is for you to see 20/20.

Eye Exams for All Abilities

Our team provides eye exams for all abilities! We do eye exams and specialty evaluations for children and adults with down syndrome, autism, and behavioral disorders, as well as non-verbal patients.

Having the best tools and being on the cutting edge of technology is important to Dr. Katie. For that reason, we recommend retinal imaging to give the clearest picture of your ocular health. This technology allows Dr.Katie a complete view of the back of the eye without the use of traditional dilation drops. This quick and painless image saves you time so you can get back to enjoying your day.


Go Beyond 20/20