Contact Lenses

We strive to fit all of our patients for contact lenses that are clear and comfortable to wear all day. Our experienced staff is trained to teach new wearers how to care for contact lenses in a stress-free environment, ensuring a positive first experience. Our mission is to invest in our patients to ensure long-term success with contact lenses.

Young children are often hesitant or nervous about wearing contacts for the first time. Our staff is patient and willing to work with your child, who may not be a candidate for glasses, but still require vision correction.

As part of our commitment to providing the absolute best care in vision therapy, we prescribe contact lenses as part of a holistic plan to prevent the progression of Myopia. More commonly known as nearsightedness, Myopia can often develop in early childhood but can be slowed or stopped with the right vision therapy.

Many people over the age of 40 experience frustration with the need for reading glasses to see up close. There are many contact lenses available to free patients from using glasses. Contact our office if you would like to explore your options.

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